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                                         RECENT PROJECTS (SELECTED)

Digital/Direct Bank Creation (China, 2 separate, Ongoing projects)

MANDATE: Advise China’s number 1 and number 4 largest banks in creating and executing a direct banking entity, along the lines of FIDOR, a German direct bank, recently acquired by BBV.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Currently helping senior executives for both institutions decide whether to create separate, wholly-owned entities (which require their own licenses) or subsidiaries and what product suite might help them compete with major competitors in the social media realm, such as WeChat, Baidu and Alipay.


Agency Banking (India)

MANDATE: Advise (as the expert team member) a global, MBB consultancy on both the high-level strategic and technical nuances of encryption and KYC management of an agency banking framework as part of a large Indian bank's financial inclusion strategy.
SOLUTION PROVIDED: Guided the client (the consultancy) in the step-by-step creation of an inclusive agency banking platform suitable for India's current level of customer data quality (which is poor) as well as in the specific, technical steps involved in creating an encryption platform that will also be customer friendly and sensitive to the highly competitive nature of the Indian market.

Credit Portfolio Modeling and Validation (Denmark)

MANDATE: Lead Risk Analytics team in the development of methodologies for TTC rating, LGD and EAD modeling and Validation.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Trained and led entire retail data science team in executing a framework for risk component estimation and quantitative model validation and ratings calibration; developed and led team in implementing a "strategic reporting template" that aligned PA team output with business area and front office demands.

CRO Development, CRDIV/Enterprise Risk Management (Netherlands)

MANDATE: To develop capacity of CROs in line with ERM best-practice.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Trained executive-level risk staff and authored and guided executive team through roadmap for bringing ERM efforts in line with best-practice.


Risk Framework Review and Validation (Jordan)

MANDATE: Validate the provisioning and capital allocation modeling programme, as well as risk governance structure

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Developed detailed framework for how capital and provisioning analytics could be used within a risk-based pricing framework and how analytics could, in turn, be communicated to the business.


P/L Attribution Modeling and Validation (USA)

MANDATE: To review P/L Attribution methods and models as developed by a team for which the head abruptly departed.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Reviewed all models and began process of developing tractable alternatives, leading the present team (ongoing).


Risk Intelligence, Architecture & Big Data Analytics Review (Belgium)

MANDATE: Assist Risk Intelligence unit in designing delivery of valuable support to the CRO and executive team through strategically linked information flow.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Guided head of Risk Intelligence in the development of roadmap for bringing the RI unit in line with business and risk concerns, through leveraging of analytics for customer targeting, support and analysis.


Predictive Analytics and Delivery Channel Support (Google, Gates Foundation and MasterCard)

MANDATE: Develop the predictive analytics platform and scorecard architecture to support multi-channel delivery of inclusive finance.

SOLUTION PROVIDED: Recruited and led data science team in the behavioral design products and underwriting scoring models to support a mobile device-based, lending platform and e-wallet (based upon biometric and social media data).

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