Tony helps both individual professionals and organizations tackle personal and professional challenges. Whether this involves tackling a major career change, undertaking a merger or adopting a disruptive technology, Tony uses bespoke, behavioral analytics to identify "situational" and "behavioral" markers which define the client's problem. He and his team then guide clients through an agreed-upon roadmap to achieve a solution. This journey may involve solely consultancy or consultancy and capacity-building.


For example, if an organization is undergoing an acquisition, Tony can quantitatively assess the magnitude and potential consequences of a corporate culture clash. Or, on an individual level, Tony might assist professionals assuming new executive roles to gauge how they would need to adjust their leadership styles to be more effective.


Using similar methodologies, Tony has helped lawyers and doctors explore making the leap from corporate to private practice. He has aided large corporations in overcoming gridlock among board members of their internal startups. Moreover, Tony's unique, but scientifically proven diagnostics have also been used to assess customer behavior: for example, to gauge the potential effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

Here are several categories of common challenges Tony has helped clients address:

Individual Challenges: Motivating staff, cultivating leadership experience, creating team unity, facilitating honest communication, inspiring others, influencing others, remote leadership, leadership during crisis, managing stakeholders, personal career change, team-level change, professional development, fear, insecurity, impatience, intolerance, biases, challenges of personality.

Organizational Challenges: Organizational change, technology adoption, governance breakdown, group dynamic issues, compliance with new regulatory initiatives, strategic performance measurement, strategic risk management, stress testing,  encouraging innovation and creativity, information management, risk culture.

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