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About Tony

Maurice "Tony" Ewing helps top leadership anticipate and respond to disruptive threats that might dramatically require changing their business models or adjusting their internal risk-taking cultures.


In a series of Harvard Business Review articles (e.g.,"How to Manage Biased People" and "Cutting Costs without Cutting People"), Tony sparked a mini-revolution in leadership thinking by demonstrating how abrupt change and disruption typically leads to behaviors by an organisation's leadership, staff, customers and competitors that violate all the academic and business book theories. 


Now, using proprietary but empirically-supported, behavioral science methods, Tony helps top decision makers quantify and predict these behavioral responses and adjust their business models in the face of disruptive technologies and innovations, sudden compliance initiatives and emerging threats (e.g., pandemics).


A former banking executive and public company board member, Tony led the data science team that pioneered bank account-linked, digital payments and lending. His consulting clients and seminar participants have included leaders from many of the world's most recognizable brands, as well as regional giants that span more than 40 countries and 4 continents.


A former PhD student of Nobel Laureates John Nash ("A Beautiful Mind") and Daniel Kahneman, and the dissertation advisee of former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Tony is a Forbes contributor and his writing on various topics has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes and Business Insider. For further information, please see Tony's Youtube channel.

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