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About Tony

After a long and successful career as an entrepreneur, a data scientist, a senior banking executive and a consultant, I have come to realize I am little more than a glorified teacher--who's involved in lots of businesses. And I find that exciting! Because, as a teacher, I know how to help the people I do business with learn. I know how to destroy ignorance in its tracks, making sure it doesn't further hurt them, their companies or their careers. As a teacher, I also know how to inspire my students and how to create mental toughness--helping them plan for the very uncertain future we are all facing.


By way of background, I started my career working on Wall Street as a quant for the New York Fed, and after finishing my PhD, went on to teach Executive MBAs in the Kellogg-HKUST business school in Hong Kong. I quickly learned I was much better at teaching than research, and given my data science background, decided to launch my own risk analytics and compliance consultancy (ConquerX) with three friends and exactly zero clients. Initially rough, the consultancy principals dwindled down to just me. But within  5 years, I had nearly 150 clients for whom I had provided training and consulting. As the business grew, I moved from Hong Kong to Europe, to the States and back--several times--with a family in tow. Now a single parent, I have seen my business grow to where I have worked directly with thousands of CEOs, senior executives, bankers, board members and founders from all over the world. I have also seen my firm's scope shift from initially technical advisory (e.g., model development and testing) to strategic implementation at the C-Suite level, to the creation of board-level oversight structures. is the practical, personal and scalable outgrowth of all that work.


After working with so many superlative professionals, and having so often employed what I learned from studying behavioral economics under 4 Nobel laureates (John Nash, Ben Bernanke, Daniel Kahneman and David Card), I feel it is time to share those insights to professionals worldwide, while also creating a community. That's my aim. I am passionate about helping others learn the skills they need to become more resilient, more competitive, more successful and, ultimately, more happy. I have also learned how to incorporate state-of-the art tools in my work, so as ensure the takeaways are long-lasting. Yes, I am a executive and a consultant and a parent who cooks horrible meals for his kids, but really I am just a teacher: that is my purpose and I hope you will join me in it!

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